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House boat is not a boat house, this is a boat created to be used as a floating home. In Kerala house boats are slow-moving boats used for leisure. Today kettuvallam that is Houseboats are the mascot of Kerala Tourism. It is a floating living space, which floats in the lakes of Kerala, used as tourist vehicle. House boats offers a holistic backwater experience. House boats have all the comforts of a good hotel. Most house boats have bedrooms with attached toilets, living space and kitchen. Toilets are Bio-toilet so the backwater canals are not polluted. House boats have two crews and a cook, Fresh meals are cooked in the boat itself. The Kuttanadan style food is an international range for the tourists. Tourists can one day or overnight stay in the boat. Modern houseboats are made to meet the eco friendly standards by the department of tourism of state / central governments regulations.

Kerala the land of a million experiences welcomes you to splendid and thrilling houseboat cruises on the enchanting backwaters . lia georson holidays offers you country boat – ‘Vallams’ and houseboat – ‘Kettuvallams’ (houseboats) cruises, through meandering canals of Cochin and the scenic backwaters of the Vembanad Lake. The integral part of Kerala’s Tourism Scenario is the backwaters – a unique web of lakes, lagoons, canals and rivers.

A Journey through the zig-zag backwaters of Kerala in houseboatis an experience of returning to nature. Join lia georson holidays to extract the beauty of backwater tour in Kerala. The enchanting holiday destination of the backwaters of Kerala, where you sit back and enjoy the intoxicating sights, smells and sounds.

Take your pick for the best Backwater Nature houseboat Tour for family and friends. The cruises and the overnight stays in the houseboats are the best way to an unforgettable holiday. The waterbus ferry and the cruise boats are the most relaxed. Your nature tour in the backwaters need not be meticulously planned.

Even the booking need not be made well in advance. Besides the houseboats the regular accommodation options of the budget, standard, deluxe, luxury hotels may be opted.

The entire nature tour in the backwaters is a merry time experience in true sense. For the rippling holidays in the breathtakingly beautiful backwaters we offer several hard-to-resist holiday packages for you and your dear ones. Get ready to feel the magic of the mystical backwaters of Kerala in a houseboat. We will set up a house for you on the boat. At the end of the holiday you will agree that the houseboats are the most fantastic way to enjoy the fascinating natural beauty of the backwaters.

The shoals of ducks that pass by, the aroma of the chicken and the fish curry and the sound of the rippling waves on the tranquil backwaters. The cruise in the houseboat takes you along snake boat docks, friendly cheering villagers, coir (Jute) making communities, toddy (local spirit from cocunut) shops, fishing nets pitched for the day’s catch, bounded paddy fields and manual canoes of different sizes criss-crossing each other. The houseboat experience enables you to reach beautiful untouched areas.


Deluxe houseboat is build with all the modern amenities and services. Deluxe boats are very attractive in appearance and equipped with all the facilities for the travelers. Boat have good space for living area, AC rooms with attached bathrooms, and kitchen. AC will ON only at 9 pm to 6 am.


A Premium category houseboat A/c will be operated in the bedrooms whenever requested by the client during their stay onboard. Meals plan will be “premium menu”. BOATS ARE PREMIUM QUALITY


The Ultra Luxury Houseboats offers very superior class facilities like spacious living area with traditional wooden ceiling with overlapping woods, bedrooms with best interiors. Boat will be fully glass covered, glass windows stretching across the wall, it offers a clear picture of the backwaters. Full time AC is available in rooms and the superior food menu is fixed. Boat consists of a conference hall which makes the best choice for office trips and family, friends and for honeymoon.


A Shikhara is a traditional Gondola type light rowing boat which is mostly seen on the pristine Dal Lake, apart from other lakes. It is one of the most incredible and relaxing aspects of a holiday in kerala, and should be included in your itinerary if you want to experience the surreal beauty of this region to the fullest. Along with the houseboats, it is also considered to be a cultural symbol. But even apart from leisure and tourism purposes, the shikhara is also used by the locals for seaweed harvesting, fishing and transportation. To watch these beautifully decorated boats glide serenely on the lake is a treat to the eyes, and you should definitely not miss out on this experience during your holidays in Kerala.

speed boat

Explore the beauty of God’s Own Country in refined manner! Get an adrenaline rush as you crash across the enchanting Kerala backwaters by taking the speed boat ride…. Make your Alleppey extremely thrilling by getting on board of this power machine.

Let the cool winds of Kerala brush your face as you enjoy the occasional spray of water while jetting across the scenic locales of Alappuzha. If you are a person who can’t take things slow or make maximum utilisation of your short Kerala tour, then you can go for the fast paced travel option. By travelling in a speed boat, you get to catch a glimpse of the entire length of the backwater route within a short period. If you are running against time, a speed boat will allow you to cover maximum backwater areas and take you far off islands in Alleppey that wouldn’t be feasible otherwise if you choose other means of water transport.

motor boat

As you sink in the laidback settings of Kerala backwaters and Alleppey, you would be excited to explore more places at much better pace. Make a speedy trip down the beautiful green locales of the country side and watch enchanting sceneries, as you zip across the glistening waters.
We have different types of motorboats with varying seating options which can accommodate from two to fifty travellers. The price range is also customised depending upon the duration and size of the motorboat, to suit your requirements. You can even opt for either open speed boat or covered motorboat.


Get closer to the nature! Get to know about the local life on backwater shores in more detail! By choosing Kayaking as your mode of water transport across the scenic Kerala backwaters, you have made the best travel decision!
Trust us, Kayaking can get you the best experience one wouldn’t get via houseboat or canoe boat. It is quite smaller than the other two boats and will take you to the most inaccessible coves and islands of Alleppey. Plus, you can do the rowing all by yourself and watch the beautiful landscapes, thriving backwater villages, rich flora and fauna among these settings – and lots more by exploring at your own pace, without worrying about co-passengers or check-in-check-out issues. You can simply hire a kayak and row down capturing all kinds of sights and sounds along the backwaters.

There are good number of advantages if you are kayaking; proving better than taking houseboat cruise. First of all, it is far cheaper than other luxurious modes of water transport. Then you can freely visit all the remote backwater routes that won’t be generally taken by houseboat or canoeing tours. Enjoy the natural settings by rowing open-air which you cannot do otherwise in other kind of enclosed boats. You can row wherever you can (as instructed by the kayak operator), which ever part of backwater areas that attracts you, then halt where you feel like and visit interesting places on the shores. That includes – visiting local eateries, toddy shop, remote islands important tourist attractions, village markets, walk across paddy fields, watch backwater birds and many, many things that will make your Kerala holiday truly worthwhile and unforgettable experience…
LIA GEORSON HOLIDAYS provides kayaking tours suitable for every type of traveller.


A coracle, or a ‘cwrwgl’ as it was originally named in Welsh, is a small one-person boat made out of woven wood and a waterproof covering. They were used in the UK over 2000 years ago, dating back to pre-Roman times, and they are still used today .

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